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Pharmaceutical Review- Breaking the Cost Cycle for Payers

pharmacotherapy review Prescription drug abuse is a nationwide epidemic with the Workers’ Compensation industry experiencing significant collateral damage. The trending use of opioid analgesics for chronic pain treatment of injured workers, coupled with the high potential for dependency or abuse of opioids not only contributes to skyrocketing costs for the payer, but also poses increased risks for the injured worker. So where can Payers turn to break the pharmaceutical cost cycle?

A Drug Utilization Review That Actually Works

Many pharmaceutical cost containment […]

What Is A Medical Cost Projection Analysis?

Medical Cost ProjectionMedical Cost Containment Solutions By ANS (MCP) is a medical cost containment analysis often used to set reserves in complex cases where multiple factors drive exposure, and complex medical and legal information needs to be considered. Most people look at it as “what this case is worth,” but that’s not really accurate. MCP, when done right, is a comprehensive and expert analysis which generates reliable, evidence-based recommendations to positively manage the medical portion of a large […]