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The Medical Legal Nurse Consultant – A Jack of All Trades

Medical legal claims typically involve complicated, long-term medical issues and represent an enormous financial burden for Payers. In order to mitigate this financial exposure it is crucial for Payers to accurately assess the true value of alleged damages. But this is no small task and it often requires extensive investigation and expert interpretation. Let’s be honest, mitigating financial exposure can only effectively be done by a highly credentialed few, those with a hybrid skillset of healthcare expertise, specialized legal training, and first-hand experience in complex liability matters such as […]

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The Financial Repercussions of MSAs on Large Loss Claims

Medicare recommends an allocation of funds in a Workers’ Compensation settlement that is set aside to ensure that the injured party’s qualified medical expenses are funded, also known as Medicare Set Aside. These funds must be used to pay for treatment related to the Workers’ Compensation injury, that would otherwise be paid for by Medicare. The financial repercussions of MSAs on settlements can be significant.