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Medical Cost Projection: Addressing Large Loss Claim Complexities

In our last post we discussed the inner workings of medical cost projection. As you may recall, an MCP is a robust review of existing facts, potential complications and long-term projections that requires an exhaustive amount of research, preparation and critical assessment. In this post we are going to touch on successful tips for addressing complexities intrinsic to large loss claims that MCP must also be address. Some of these complexity factors include but are not limited to:

  • The need to settle claims from an undocumented worker
  • Injury necessitates pain management […]
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A Deep Dive Look into Medical Cost Projection

ANS Solutions Medical Cost ProjectionMedical Cost Projection, or MCP, is a comprehensive analysis of a medical claim which seeks to deliver the best possible outcome for the patient while managing the overall lifetime medical cost of the claim for the Payer. Recommendations produced by an MCP are based on hard-evidence and expert opinion, allowing all parties to be confident that the proposed settlement is the best solution. Using an MCP will help to ensure that the estimation of lifetime costs is […]