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Ineffective Intervention Results in Less Than Optimal Outcomes

Workers’ compensation payers industry-wide have relied on pharmaceutical cost containment measures in one form or another as a means to manage escalating costs. But as everyone has learned, not all strategies are created equal. In fact, most are limited in scope and effectiveness.Holistic Drug Utilization Review

A Holistic Approach to Medical Cost Management

At ANS, we take a holistic, collaborative approach to managing medical costs. When a comprehensive analysis is conducted on a pharmaceutical regimen, it reveals the bigger picture, thus uncovering […]

3 Elements of Successful Medical Cost Containment Strategies

Medical Cost ContainmentMedical cost containment is a complex game as there is a level of responsibility that needs to be acknowledged. These strategies need to do more than just address the obvious financial costs of large loss claims as often factors driving financial costs also correlate to effects on an injured workers quality of life. In short, medical cost containment strategies need to take into account the injured workers course of treatment and quality of life including the following:

  • Physicians are […]
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