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What Role does the Doctor-Patient Relationship Play in the Opioid Epidemic?

According to the DEA, sales of prescription painkillers in the United States have quadrupled since 1999. If that isn’t enough to raise eyebrows, consider the following: almost twice as many people abuse prescription drugs as the number of people abusing cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens and inhalants combined. And if that’s that enough, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that prescription drug overdose death rates in the United States have more than tripled since 1990 and have never been higher. These statistics have raised serious concerns, triggering […]

High Risk Patient Profiles & Opioid Abuse

Drug Utilization Review and Medical Cost Containment StrategiesPredictive models in our industry show that specific risk factors correlate to the potential for long term opioid use -most notably, patients that smoke and/or have a history of substance abuse.   With increased opioid prescribing linked to trends of misuse and abuse and opioid related overdoses contributing to more deaths annually than vehicular crashes, it begs the question, are risk factors truly being taken into account with the treatment of chronic pain?

Improving […]