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  • Steps to combat the opioid epidemic using ANS drug utilization review
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    Strategies to Reduce Patient Reliance on Opioids Postoperatively

Strategies to Reduce Patient Reliance on Opioids Postoperatively

Surgeons across the nation are increasing efforts to reduce their overall use of opioids for the long term treatment of chronic pain post-operatively. The driving force- Curtailing the opioid abuse epidemic, an unfortunate but growing trend.

Well-Documented Risks
An epidemic effecting 5 million Americans, half of all opioid-related overdose deaths in the U.S. have been linked to prescription drugs – not “street” or “recreational” drugs. Opioid use, even short term, is particularly problematic for patients with a history of substance abuse.

Changing Practices
Seeing the effects of this epidemic, many surgeons are taking […]

Chronic Pain Treatment: Impacts of Drug-Drug Interactions

Polypharmacy, the use of 4 or more medications simultaneously, is a dangerous but frequent practice for chronic pain patients. Unfortunately, because many patients undergoing chronic pain treatment suffer multiple chronic health issues, exposure to drug-drug interactions (DDI) is a common but unintended result, leading to severe consequences for the physical health of patients, as well as a significantly increased financial burden for all involved: patients, providers, and society.

What defines a drug-drug interaction?

A pharmacokinetic DDI involves two or more drugs interacting in such a way that the effectiveness and/or toxicity […]