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    CDC Opioid Guidelines Sheds Light on Conflicting Expert Opinions

CDC Opioid Guidelines Sheds Light on Conflicting Expert Opinions

The CDCs latest opioid prescribing guidelines, released this March, were created with the goal of achieving balance between the analgesic and addictive properties of opioid analgesics, to uphold the safety as well as meet the pain management needs of the public at large. Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding these guidelines points to a detrimental issue at the crux of their implementation: A fractured field – two expert, yet conflicting, schools of thought on the current opioid policy.

  • Treating chronic pain with a wider range of treatments, as opposed to relying mainly […]

Key Takeaways from a Recent National Safety Council Survey

Subsequent to the CDC’s new guidelines regarding the treatment of chronic pain, The National Safety Council (NSC) released its latest survey regarding doctor prescribing practices. Summarized below, the statistics

CDC Guidelines: Use non-opioid therapies first.
NSC Stats: 74% of doctors erroneously believe opioids (morphine, oxycodone) are the most effective way to treat pain.
The Missing Link: Research shows OTC pain meds (ibuprofen, acetaminophen) offer the most effective relief for acute pain.

CDC Guidelines: Do not use opioids for the routine treatment of chronic pain.
NSC Stats: 67% of doctors base there prescribing […]