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    How Technology Is Shaping The Workers’ Compensation Industry

How Technology Is Shaping The Workers’ Compensation Industry

The technology now used within today’s workers’ comp industry is remarkable compared to what was available just a few decades prior. A dominant component of advocacy, claims, and treatment, technology is helping employers and insurers work the bugs out of the process, producing amazing results and the promise of even more unbelievable advancements on the horizon…

How is Technology Reshaping the Workers’ Compensation Industry?

  • Paper Falls by the Wayside
    • NOW: Endless forms and lost paperwork are no longer, replaced by automated forms, electronic signatures and correspondence that is both faster and easily […]

When is a Medical Cost Projection Recommended?

ANS Medical Cost Projection ProgramsMedical Cost Projections are recommended to establish accurate reserves for the future medical costs of complex, large loss claims, often associated with catastrophic injuries. Catastrophic claims can extend over decades, racking up millions of dollars in medical costs. For this reason, setting an accurate reserve is absolutely critical to the financial well-being and security of the carrier and/or the employer.

Medical Cost Projections and the Complex Large Loss Claims

Oftentimes, large loss claims are highly complicated with […]

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Medical Cost Projection: Addressing Large Loss Claim Complexities

In our last post we discussed the inner workings of medical cost projection. As you may recall, an MCP is a robust review of existing facts, potential complications and long-term projections that requires an exhaustive amount of research, preparation and critical assessment. In this post we are going to touch on successful tips for addressing complexities intrinsic to large loss claims that MCP must also be address. Some of these complexity factors include but are not limited to:

  • The need to settle claims from an undocumented worker
  • Injury necessitates pain management […]
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A Deep Dive Look into Medical Cost Projection

ANS Solutions Medical Cost ProjectionMedical Cost Projection, or MCP, is a comprehensive analysis of a medical claim which seeks to deliver the best possible outcome for the patient while managing the overall lifetime medical cost of the claim for the Payer. Recommendations produced by an MCP are based on hard-evidence and expert opinion, allowing all parties to be confident that the proposed settlement is the best solution. Using an MCP will help to ensure that the estimation of lifetime costs is […]

What Is A Medical Cost Projection Analysis?

Medical Cost ProjectionMedical Cost Containment Solutions By ANS (MCP) is a medical cost containment analysis often used to set reserves in complex cases where multiple factors drive exposure, and complex medical and legal information needs to be considered. Most people look at it as “what this case is worth,” but that’s not really accurate. MCP, when done right, is a comprehensive and expert analysis which generates reliable, evidence-based recommendations to positively manage the medical portion of a large […]