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Medical Marijuana Vs. Big Pharma

Increasingly gaining ground as an accepted medicine by top health associations, researchers, and medical journals, the marijuana industry continues its massive expansion, with legalization encompassing more than half the U.S. Predicted to expand nationwide by 2021 by investment firm The Motley Fool, other sectors of the economy are feeling the strain of the industry’s new growth – but no one greater than Big Pharma.

Marijuana & Pharmaceutical Market Share
In an effort to determine how cannabis cash flow is effecting the pharmaceutical industry, researchers at the University of Georgia uncovered just […]

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    Alabama Doctor Arrested In Connection with Matt Roberts of 3 Doors Down Overdose Death

Alabama Doctor Arrested In Connection with Matt Roberts of 3 Doors Down Overdose Death

In mid-August of this year, fans were stunned by the death of 38-year-old Matt Roberts, former guitarist of 3 Doors Down. Alabama physician Dr. Richard Snellgrove was arrested November 16th for allegedly providing the rocker with drugs outside the course of his professional practice. Snellgrove prescribed some five different medications, including methadone, hydrocodone, lorazepam and fentanyl — all prescribed in the names of different individuals, but intended for Roberts.

Slated to perform at a charity event for veterans, the rocker’s father, Darrell Roberts, who often traveled […]

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    New FDA Warning: Avoid Prescribing Opioids & Benzos Together

New FDA Warning: Avoid Prescribing Opioids & Benzos Together

In a recent announcement by the FDA, boxed warning labels will now be required to advise against the utilization of prescription opioid pain medicines alongside benzodiazepines unless no other adequate alternative treatment method exists. Warnings about the risks of combining these two classes of drugs are nothing new. Already required on drug warning labels, additional black box warnings are an effort by the FDA to reach out to those who may have “missed the message.”

Classified as Central Nervous System (CNS) depressants, each drug alone can trigger side effects such […]

How Common is Illegal Drug Use Among Pain Patients?

At the American Pain Society’s 35th Annual Scientific Meeting in Austin, findings were released on the use of illicit substances among chronic pain patients. Of 450,081 patients included in a study by Baltimore-based pain medication monitoring firm Ameritox, 10.4% of urine samples tested positive for the use of at least one illicit substance.

How Many of Those Identified Were Workers Comp Patients?
Workers compensation was the primary payer for 22,525 of the 450,081 patients in the study, conducted between January 2013 and July 2015, which showed the use of illicit substances […]

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    CDC Opioid Guidelines Sheds Light on Conflicting Expert Opinions

CDC Opioid Guidelines Sheds Light on Conflicting Expert Opinions

The CDCs latest opioid prescribing guidelines, released this March, were created with the goal of achieving balance between the analgesic and addictive properties of opioid analgesics, to uphold the safety as well as meet the pain management needs of the public at large. Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding these guidelines points to a detrimental issue at the crux of their implementation: A fractured field – two expert, yet conflicting, schools of thought on the current opioid policy.

  • Treating chronic pain with a wider range of treatments, as opposed to relying mainly […]
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    Abuse Deterrent Opioids a New Era of Opioid Drug Development

Abuse Deterrent Opioids a New Era of Opioid Drug Development

The prevalence of opioid use and abuse has led to a new era of opioid drug development: Abuse deterrent (AD) opioids.

The goal?….

Maintain the efficacy of opioid formulations while improving their ability to deter abuse. Following guidelines developed by the FDA to categorize new opioid formulations, pharmaceutical companies are now on a quest to develop tomorrow’s safety net against opioid abuse.

How will the FDA be categorizing these new AD opioid formulations?

  1. Physical/chemical barriers
    Physical barriers that prevent the crushing, cutting, grating, grinding, or chewing of opioid formulations, alone or in combination […]

The Perils of Polypharmacy

Pharmacotherapy review reduces costs and minimizes risks present by polypharmacyIn the context of large loss workers compensation claims and the treatment of pain in injured workers, polypharmacy is typically associated with the use of four or more medications. As a result, polypharmacy creates an environment where several complications can occur. Here we delve into some critical issues affecting the injured worker as a result of polypharmacy: compliance, drug interaction and risk of addiction.

Dosage Compliance & Drug Interactions

To put it […]

ANS Solutions Exhibiting at the National WC & Disability Conference & Expo – Booth #646

National WC & Disability Conference - ANS Solutions 2015 Conference ScheduleANS Solutions, one of the top healthcare cost management companies, will be exhibiting at the National Workers Compensation & Disability Conference & Expo November 11-13, 2015, Booth #646.

For anyone involved in the workers’ compensation and disability management industries, the National WC & Disability Conference is the ultimate ground for new learning and networking with like-minded professionals. The event will be taking place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from November […]

Advanced Strategies for Pharmaceutical Cost Management

Pharmacuetical Cost ContainmentWith large loss claims, the road to managing the hefty costs associated with pharmaceutical therapies can be long and winding. As more drugs become available within drug classes, there is often a large cost disparity among medications. Further, patient access to more affordable and equally (if not more) effective medications is limited. Fortunately, there are advanced pharmaceutical cost management solutions available. One such solution, Pharmacotherapy Review, is ANS’s highly evolved approach to drug utilization review. The Pharmacotherapy Review Program […]

The Human Side of Medical Cost Management

ANS Medical Cost Management - the Human Side of medical cost containment through drug utilization reviewWhen we talk about the costly nature of large loss Workers’ Comp claims, it is sometimes hard to think beyond the financial impact. Further to this point, when medical cost containment strategies are discussed they are often geared toward addressing the clinical and pharmaceutical treatment programs for injured workers from a financial perspective. What about the less tangible side of medical cost containment-the human costs which […]