Medical Legal Nurse Consulting Services

ANS Solutions Legal Nurse Consulting Services provide assistance if your case has medical issues which need interpretation, additional discovery, organization, clarification, research, expert opinion or testimony. Our experienced Legal Nurse Consultants work behind-the-scenes or can serve as testifying experts, assisting counsel’s response to complex exposure issues at a fraction of the cost charged by some medical professionals.

Certified Legal Nurse Consulting Services

Litigation Support Program

ANS’s Legal Nurse Consultants provide litigation support in a number of ways:

  • Organize and summarize medical records, and develop cohesive, concise reports while identifying deviations in standards of care.
  • Identify causation issues, assess the extent of damages/injuries and identify contributing factors.
  • Assist with depositions and trial preparation, inclusive of expert witness support and review of opposing witness materials.

Medical Class Action Support Program

Class action lawsuits are highly complex, voluminous in scope and extremely difficult to navigate from a medical claims perspective. In order to address the unique nature of Class Action cases, ANS Solutions has created the Medical Class Action Support Program to guide you through the labyrinth of these complex matters. This program is managed by a team of Nurse Experts with an average of 25 years in specialized nursing experience and executes the following tasks:

  • Initial screening for merit and damages.
  • Analysis of massive amounts of data quickly and accurately creating a snapshot of the case.
  • Recommendation for appropriate next steps based on medical review.

Benefits of ANS Solutions Legal Nurse Consulting

ANS Medical Cost Containment Strategies

In addition to legal nurse consulting services, ANS provides a suite of workers’ compensation claim medical cost containment strategies that allow payers to align other elements relating to the quality of life and care of the injured worker with improved financial outcomes.

These services include:

  1. Drug utilization review through Pharmacotherapy
  2. Reducing Medicare Set Aside & Part D Exposure
  3. Medical Cost Projection

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