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When is a Medical Cost Projection Recommended?

ANS Medical Cost Projection ProgramsMedical Cost Projections are recommended to establish accurate reserves for the future medical costs of complex, large loss claims, often associated with catastrophic injuries. Catastrophic claims can extend over decades, racking up millions of dollars in medical costs. For this reason, setting an accurate reserve is absolutely critical to the financial well-being and security of the carrier and/or the employer.

Medical Cost Projections and the Complex Large Loss Claims

Oftentimes, large loss claims are highly complicated with […]

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The Perfect Storm: Rising Pharma Costs & Part D

Medicare Set Aside - ANS medical cost containment help bring all the pieces togetherAs we all know, injured worker treatment regimens relying heavily on costly prescriptions is the unfortunate norm. On top of that, pharma costs are continually rising, surpassing general and medical cost inflation. It seems that Payers can’t catch a break. To add insult to injury, Medicare Part D came into existence as part of the Medicare Modernization Act, which further mandated the inclusion of prescription drug coverage in […]

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