The Perils of Polypharmacy

Pharmacotherapy review reduces costs and minimizes risks present by polypharmacyIn the context of large loss workers compensation claims and the treatment of pain in injured workers, polypharmacy is typically associated with the use of four or more medications. As a result, polypharmacy creates an environment where several complications can occur. Here we delve into some critical issues affecting the injured worker as a result of polypharmacy: compliance, drug interaction and risk of addiction.

Dosage Compliance & Drug Interactions

To put it […]

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6 Benefits of ANS Legal Nurse Consulting Services

ANS legal nurse consulting services delivered by network of legal nurse expertsThe specialized skill-set of legal nurse consultants can play a crucial role in claim settlement and medical legal cases. Here we review six benefits of the services provided by ANS’s highly credentialed and experienced legal nurse consultants:

1) Critical Analysis

Through the critical analysis of medical records, our nurse experts summarize critical events in a case’s history to identify issues such as causality, scope of damages, and standards of care. […]

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