What’s Trending with California Workers’ Compensation

Though workers’ comp claims frequency is declining, a recently released California hospital report indicates claim severity is on the rise. Obtaining data from 35 hospitals and individual facilities, the Milliman and Keenan Healthcare report sourced more than 3,500 claims for review.

Trends identified in the report:

  • A decline in indemnity and medical-only claims, with ALAE costs playing an increasing role in overall claims costs in recent years. More specifically:
    • Higher average costs per indemnity for workers over 30.
    • Lesser average severity of indemnity claims in workers 30 and younger, with payments more likely […]
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Why ANS Pharmacotherapy Review is so Effective

The prescription pain medication crisis is taking its toll across the U.S. Costs are extreme, with a broad array of collateral damage fanning out from those effected to families and industries, among the hardest hit, workman’s comp. So extreme are the effects of addictive and deadly prescription opioids, even the Federal Government has taken notice, with the CDC stepping in to release new opioid prescribing best practices earlier this year in hopes of ushering in a new era for an ailing nation. The issue is out in the open. […]

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