Saving Billions with Collaboration

Medical misdiagnoses can happen and a recently released report shows a staggeringly-high incidence of this occuring: As much as one-fifth of claims involve diagnosis errors that are extending the length of time that injured workers are treated and costing the workers’ comp system billions of dollars in the process.

Stunning Numbers

The 10-year study, conducted by Boston medical consultation service, Best Doctors, dicovered that out of an estimated 250,000 workers’ comp injuries,  21% involved misdiagnosis and/or inappropriate medical treatment. In the most expensive top 5% of claims, medical treatment error rates […]

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Can Technology Help?

State and local governments collect a lot of health data, but as it turns out, there are many roadblocks to putting that data to its highest and best use. Building a bridge, however, could create the potential for its use in battling the U.S. opioid epidemic, which is taking its toll in every corner of the country, across all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Just how could digging a little deeper into this data help to uncover the hidden facets of this epidemic?

Mining for Gold

Law enforcement, […]

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