ANS legal nurse consulting services delivered by network of legal nurse expertsThe specialized skill-set of legal nurse consultants can play a crucial role in claim settlement and medical legal cases. Here we review six benefits of the services provided by ANS’s highly credentialed and experienced legal nurse consultants:

1) Critical Analysis

Through the critical analysis of medical records, our nurse experts summarize critical events in a case’s history to identify issues such as causality, scope of damages, and standards of care. By analyzing medical causation and exposure they effectively gauge merits of alleged injuries while identifying any missing medical information that may prove valuable to a claim.

2) Collaboration

Multiple parties must be engaged to successfully determine a modified course of treatment, and ensure compliance to the new course of treatment. Legal nurse consultants play an instrumental role in securing the collaboration between prescribing physicians, attorneys and injured workers which optimizes the negotiation and settlement of a claim.

3) Strategic Assessment

Through the exhaustive and strategic assessment of each case, ANS nurse experts uncover causation, mitigating factors, unreasonable medical charges and inappropriate patterns of care while also potentially exposing unnecessary or unrelated care issues. There assessments lead to a recommended course of action that not only improves the living conditions of the injured worker but reduces pharma costs by 25% or more.

4) Legal Support  

Attorneys may call legal nurse consulting experts as witnesses at trial to provide facts, data and opinions based on case evidence. If needed, legal nurse consultants may also locate and retain expert witnesses with specialized insight and knowledge relevant to the circumstances of a case.

5) Education

In the process of deciphering a case, legal nurse consultants educate attorneys regarding medical facts, timelines, treatments, nursing terminology and other relevant health care information. Furthermore, their legal nurse consultant degree and experience gives them the background to bridge the gap between law and medicine.

6) Research

Research is encompassed in every aspect of legal nurse consulting. The research support generated by legal nurse consultants can provide an extraordinarily powerful legal instrument in the negotiation of a claim.

ANS Legal Nurse Consulting

With a background in professional nursing education, training, and clinical experience to the assessment of standards of care, causation, and damages, the support of ANS legal nurse consultants can significantly optimize medical legal case and claim outcomes. To find out more about how an ANS nurse expert can impact your bottom line contact us today.