The Best Patient Outcomes In The Industry, PERIOD.

patientOver the course of a decade, ANS Solutions has perfected its medical cost containment strategies. Our unique face-to-face Pharmintervention program effectively yields maximum savings and improved outcomes where others have failed.

With hundreds of highly credentialed legal nurse experts in all 50 states, ANS is uniquely capable of both producing and enforcing the care recommendations developed by our team of Nurse Experts, Claims Professionals, and Doctors of Pharmacy. Through our collaborative process, ANS Nurse Experts are successful in achieving the best patient outcomes while reducing costs. ANS approaches each referral individually, developing a custom tailored strategy for each case. Our national presence and local jurisdictional prowess produces exceptional outcomes, guaranteed.

In life, you wouldn’t go to your family doctor for open heart surgery. So with the lion’s share of disability claim costs hiding in pharma, maybe the question is: why wouldn’t you take your pharma review to a nationally recognized specialist?