ANS Solutions Medical Cost ProjectionMedical Cost Projection, or MCP, is a comprehensive analysis of a medical claim which seeks to deliver the best possible outcome for the patient while managing the overall lifetime medical cost of the claim for the Payer. Recommendations produced by an MCP are based on hard-evidence and expert opinion, allowing all parties to be confident that the proposed settlement is the best solution. Using an MCP will help to ensure that the estimation of lifetime costs is as accurate as possible.

ANS Medical Cost Projection Program

In contrast to basic file reviews, the ANS approach to MCP involves a detailed evaluation of potential areas of exposure and savings. Our medical cost projection program can be characterized by these five main attributes:

  • Highly detailed – A Medical Cost Projection is far more than just a yearly cost multiplied by life expectancy; an MCP is a breakdown of all costs in each set of services that are required, taking into account the past, present and projected future of a claimant’s needs. Costs are localized to provide a state-specific financial breakdown because some treatments vary in cost according to location.
  • Provides accurate financial data – An MCP provides a projected static cost for the lifetime of the injured party using values in today’s dollars. Costs are kept static throughout the projection unless there is a known factor that will increase or decrease the cost at some point in the future. This detailed financial analysis allows ANS to evaluate all potential savings and areas of exposure through the entire lifetime of the claim.
  • Produced by highly qualified medical experts – Though an MCP is an estimation it is one produced by highly-qualified and highly-educated experts who can draw on a lifetime of experience in the field. The resulting document includes a set of recommendations that will help claimants get an increased quality of life whilst also achieving financial savings across the lifetime of the claim.
  • Customizable according to carrier policy – Every carrier has their own method of calculating life expectancy and an MCP should be compatible with any of them. An MCP by ANS Solutions can be based on any time frame a carrier requests.
  • State specific – State specific knowledge is essential when creating an MCP. Our legal registered nurses have specialist legal and medical knowledge for the state in which they work. To produce an MCP we match up an RN with the right experience and knowledge with the claim in question.

Medical Cost Projection Services by ANS Solutions

Our team of highly-experienced and highly-qualified medical cost projection professionals can provide individually customized and in-depth analysis of the medical needs of an injured worker over their anticipated life expectancy. The end result leads to either settled claims or accurately set medical reserves with optimal outcomes for the patient and payer.

To learn more about the ANS Medical Cost Projection Program and our other containment services contact us today.