Pharmacuetical Cost ContainmentWith large loss claims, the road to managing the hefty costs associated with pharmaceutical therapies can be long and winding. As more drugs become available within drug classes, there is often a large cost disparity among medications. Further, patient access to more affordable and equally (if not more) effective medications is limited. Fortunately, there are advanced pharmaceutical cost management solutions available. One such solution, Pharmacotherapy Review, is ANS’s highly evolved approach to drug utilization review. The Pharmacotherapy Review Program utilizes a three-stage approach to provide economically balanced and appropriate treatment options for injured workers.

PharmReview – Stage 1

At ANS we are not just concerned with cost-effective treatment regimes. Overall our strategies strive to improve the quality of life for the injured worker. The PharmReview program applies evidence-based medical guidelines when strategically assessing each case to identify the best possible clinical and pharmaceutical treatment plan based on the injured worker’s medical condition. The final product is an expert recommendation on a course of action to improve the living conditions of the injured worker while reducing unnecessary costs for the carrier.

PharmIntervention – Stage 2

PharmIntervention involves applying expert clinical knowledge and experience in catastrophic injures to recommend, where appropriate, alternative treatments and therapies. The goal of this strategy is to improve quality of care and overall outcomes. Achieving this goal requires a thoughtful and collaborative partnership between treating physicians to employ a modified treatment plan based on the recommendations of highly credentialed and experienced nurse experts. When done correctly it will ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care balanced with the necessary cost controls.

PharmCompliance – Stage 3

Physician and patient compliance with the new prescription plan established during the PharmIntervention stage is crucial to a successful pharmaceutical cost management strategy. First, it will help determine whether the modified treatment plan is achieving the desired result. Second, it will ensure both the physician(s) and injured worker are actively engaged in the new treatment regime. Compliance by both parties will generate hard dollar cost-savings and positive therapeutic outcomes. In this stage, ANS Clinical Liaison officers will pro-actively manage a case to ensure compliance and maximize outcomes.

ANS Solutions

Effective use of advanced pharmaceutical cost management tools such as ANS PharmReview Program can minimize overall costs, improve patient access to more affordable medications and provide an improved quality of life. Our pharmaceutical cost containment strategies have achieved proven results time and time again. To find out more about our medical cost management services visit us at