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The Human Side of Medical Cost Management

ANS Medical Cost Management - the Human Side of medical cost containment through drug utilization reviewWhen we talk about the costly nature of large loss Workers’ Comp claims, it is sometimes hard to think beyond the financial impact. Further to this point, when medical cost containment strategies are discussed they are often geared toward addressing the clinical and pharmaceutical treatment programs for injured workers from a financial perspective. What about the less tangible side of medical cost containment-the human costs which […]

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The Financial Repercussions of MSAs on Large Loss Claims

Medicare recommends an allocation of funds in a Workers’ Compensation settlement that is set aside to ensure that the injured party’s qualified medical expenses are funded, also known as Medicare Set Aside. These funds must be used to pay for treatment related to the Workers’ Compensation injury, that would otherwise be paid for by Medicare. The financial repercussions of MSAs on settlements can be significant.

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