Certified Nurse Life Care Planners

ANS Solutions Certified Nurse Life Care Planners are uniquely positioned to provide our customers with a comprehensive array of Specialty Medical Legal Services, including Life Care Planning, Medical Record Review, Home Health Evaluations, Legal Nurse Consulting and other services to guide you through medical liability settlement matters.

Certified Nurse Life Care Planners

Life Care Planning

ANS Solutions Life Care Planning Services can include either a stand-alone comprehensive Life Care Plan report or a review of the opposing counsel’s plan. In the latter instance, a Life Care Plan Critique is of great value in evaluating the merits of the plan being questioned.

ANS Life Care Plan Critique

Nurse Life Care Planners work with a patient’s family, insurance company, attorneys, and others to develop a healthcare road map.Factor in future needs, services, and costs of care for the patient over their lifetime. When a Life Care Plan Critique is conducted, the existing plan’s assumptions and conclusions are scrutinized based on our experts review of the medical records. This represents a cost effective mechanism to resolve disputed issues prior to settlement or trial.

A stand-alone ANS Life Care Plan is a comprehensive projection of all reasonable medical expenses and contingencies over an injured person’s lifetime. ANS Life Care Plans are prepared by litigation tested, certified Nurse Life Care Planners who understand complex and catastrophic injuries. Our concise reports offer a detailed case overview and give our clients the benefits of objectivity, thoroughness and medical accuracy that can withstand the scrutiny of a cross examination