The lack of communication among treating physicians for injured workers has been a known deficit in large loss claims for some time. Professional liability insurance companies have recently issued statements concerning the trend of incomplete patient information, missing tests and poor communication among physicians resulting in lengthier recoveries and costly medical treatment regimens.

Current clinical intervention programs embraced by the industry merely scratch the surface of success as they focus solely on a patient’s medication therapy. The reality is that in today’s landscape of multiple doctors and pharmacies, shortened appointments, and conflicting priorities, not all prescribers have the time to conduct an extensive review of a patient’s medical history. Critical factors that can change the trajectory of a claim may be missed such as:

  • lab and diagnostic results;
  • additional therapies may not have been tried;
  • inconsistency in diagnosis between doctors and;
  • high risk patient behavior could be present

Optimized Treatment Outcomes through Pharmacotherapy Review

Missed intervention opportunities such as those listed above result in a less than optimal treatment outcome and are often costly. Through the advanced clinical analytical capabilities of ANS nurse experts, our Pharmacotherapy Review program removes the blindfold and brings to light the patient’s full medical history and contributing health factors. The result delivers a complete view of the patient that informs accurate and impactful care decisions. Safety concerns most often uncovered include:

  • Duplication of therapy
  • Drug-Disease Interactions
  • Lack of evidence for use of current treatment therapies
  • High dose of medication(s)
  • High incidence of side-effects
  • Excessive duration of therapy
  • Patient age concerns

Our unique Pharmacotherapy Review program provides a holistic clinical assessment to deliver informed and extremely detailed patient recommendations. Recommendations that benefit the outcome of large loss workers compensation claims for the injured worker and the payer alike. To find out more about our medical cost containment strategies contact us today.