What Is A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are registered nurses that have combined their existing expertise as healthcare professionals with specialized legal training to consult on medical-related cases. Legal Nurse Consultants provide support in medically-related litigation and Workers’ Compensation claim matters through a variety of detailed activities:

  • Critical analysis of medical records to summarize critical events in a case’s history to identify issues such as causality, scope of damages, and standards of care.
  • Collaboration with prescribing physicians, attorneys and injured workers to evaluate, negotiate and settle a file by mitigating risks associated with medical expenditures.
  • Strategic assessment of each case to provide a recommended course of action to improve the living conditions of the injured worker and reduce unnecessary costs for the carrier.
  • Research support for depositions and trial preparation including expert witness support and review of opposing witness materials.
  • Application of knowledge acquired from professional nursing education, training, and clinical experience to the assessment of standards of care, causation, damages and other concerns in medical-legal cases or claims.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants: Medical Legal Claim Support

Often, medical legal claims can require the need for interpretation, additional discovery, organization, investigation, expert opinion or testimony.   The highly specialized skill-set of legal nurse consultants can play a crucial role in the litigation process of claim settlements by connecting the gap between medicine and the judicial system. ANS has extensive experience in handling class action and large tort cases and our Legal Nurse Consultants can work behind-the-scenes or serve as testifying experts.  Your medical legal claim can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of ANS legal nurse consultants whether for litigation or class action support.

ANS Has Legal Nurse Experts In All 50 States.  Yes, all of them…

If you think the work of Legal Nurse Consultants is done the same in all jurisdictions, think again! In the performance of programs like Medical Cost Projections or our Litigation Support Program, having local jurisdictional prowess is absolutely essential to an optimal outcome. With so many medical consulting companies “phoning it in”, this network of local experts is a tremendous competitive advantage for us and a welcome relief to our clients who just find that things run smoother and get handled with more insight and intelligence than they are used to.  All going toward making the data and reports we provide a much more powerful legal instrument in the negotiation of a claim.

ANS Medical Cost Containment Strategies

In addition to legal nurse consulting services, ANS provides a suite of workers’ compensation claim medical cost containment strategies that allow payers to align other elements relating to the quality of life and care of the injured worker with improved financial outcomes.

These services include:

  1. Drug utilization review through Pharmacotherapy
  2. Reducing Medicare Set Aside & Part D Exposure
  3. Medical Cost Projection

ANS Legal Nurse Consultant Services are designed to be the most comprehensive and high quality products in the industry. Call us today and experience the difference an ANS local nurse expert can make in your bottom line.