Highly Comprehensive Medical Record Review

An integral part of ANS’ unique end-to-end claims perspective is our in-depth historical medical record review and analysis. Conducted by Certified Nurse Life Care Planners, our comprehensive review yields thorough chronological itemization of critical events in the case’s history identifying issues such as causality, extent of damages, appropriateness of medical care and other cost drivers. Gaps in treatment, missing documentation and other areas requiring scrutiny are meticulously outlined and documented. You won’t find a more robust medical record review anywhere else in the industry.

ANS Solutions Medical Record Review includes:

  • Careful investigation of medical-related cases for merit
  • Application of Standards of Care
  • Identification of deviations from and adherence to Standards of Care
  • Assessment of alleged damages and injuries
  • Identification of primary factors of causation and pre-existing conditions for the alleged injuries and damages
  • Organization, tabbing, and pagination of medical records for streamlined communication
  • Summarization, translation, interpretation of voluminous medical records
  • Development of collaborative case strategies

When a comprehensive analysis of this kind is conducted it reveals a much larger picture, often shedding light on issues that may impact the medical treatment plan. ANS Medical Record Reviews can uncover opportunities for modifications to therapy that will enhance the quality of care for the patient and increase cost savings for the Payer. Our historical medical record review may uncover such issues as:

  • Duplication of therapy between doctors
  • High risk patient behavior
  • Deviations in standards of care
  • Lack of evidence for use of prescribed therapy
  • High dose of medication(s)
  • Unnecessary duration of therapy

Claim Settlement and Litigation

In Workers’ Compensation matters, these reports can be enhanced to incorporate deposition preparation questions for health care providers involved in the injured party’s care. In Liability matters, ANS Medical Record Reviews provide claims professionals with industry best-in-class clinical information to assist in evaluating, negotiating and settling a file.

Benefits of ANS Solutions Medical Record Review

  • Provide an accurate assessment of injury related medical needs.
  • Report will evaluate and analyze causality and medically related treatment.
  • Report will identify actionable recommendations to improve patient outcomes and mitigate exposure.