Medical legal claims typically involve complicated, long-term medical issues and represent an enormous financial burden for Payers. In order to mitigate this financial exposure it is crucial for Payers to accurately assess the true value of alleged damages. But this is no small task and it often requires extensive investigation and expert interpretation. Let’s be honest, mitigating financial exposure can only effectively be done by a highly credentialed few, those with a hybrid skillset of healthcare expertise, specialized legal training, and first-hand experience in complex liability matters such as GL, toxic exposure, personal injury, and malpractice.Medical Legal Nurse Consultants at ANS Solutions

With qualifications in both medical and legal fields the Legal Nurse Consultant is perfectly poised to aid insurance companies who want to optimize their results and settle large claims once and for all. By definition, a Legal Nurse Consultant is an individual with healthcare expertise who has taken additional specialized legal training so that they can consult as an expert on medical cases, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Medical Legal Nurse Consultant Litigation Support

In litigation support, the data and reporting generated by legal nurse consultants can provide an extraordinarily powerful legal instrument in the negotiation of a claim. At ANS, our strategy for mitigating and defending medical legal claims involves a host of strategic activities including:

  • The critical analysis and review of initial complaints, supporting medical & legal documentation and pricing to allow for an accurate assessment of true damages.
  • Review of medical causation and exposure to effectively gauge merits of alleged injuries while identifying any missing medical information that may prove valuable to the claim.
  • Generating an expert assessment and opinion based on a detail of record and all documented encounters with medical systems.
  • Uncovering causation, mitigating factors, unreasonable medical charges, inappropriate/red flag patterns of care, and unnecessary and unrelated care issues are exposed
  • Providing a counter analysis in the event that a plaintiff future cost of care report is submitted.

Medical Class Action & the Medical Legal Nurse Consultant

Navigating a medical claim involved in a class action is difficult to say the least. Class actions are very large in scope requiring the dissection and digestion of thousands of pages of legal and medical documentation. Fortunately, medical class actions are another area of support fielded by ANS legal nurse consultants. We have extensive experience in handling class action and large tort cases. If you have a medical legal claim involved in a medical class action case, our medical legal nurse consultants can assist by providing:

  • Initial screening for merit and damages.
  • Analysis of massive amounts of data quickly and accurately creating a snapshot of the case.
  • Recommendation for appropriate next steps based on medical review.

At ANS, our team of nurse experts, are highly credentialed and wield an average of 25 years in specialized nursing experience. In addition, their scope of jurisdictional expertise yields unparalleled results. To find out more about ANS Solutions’ superior medical legal nurse consulting services contact us today.