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How Does Doctor Shopping Impact The Opioid Epidemic?

Surprisingly, the non-medical prescription of drugs, including opioids, continues, with only states holding legislation against this dubious practice smothering the flames helping stoke the opioid addiction fire. Since 1999, deaths from prescription opioids have quadrupled, alongside opioid sales of painkillers such as oxycodone (Oxycontin) and hydrocodone (Vicodin). But this hasn’t stopped opioid abusing patients from trying to nab a couple of extra pills by ‘doctor shopping,’ the practice of hopping from physician to physician and playing the numbers until finding a doctor who will meet the patient’s desire for […]

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Medical Marijuana Vs. Big Pharma

Increasingly gaining ground as an accepted medicine by top health associations, researchers, and medical journals, the marijuana industry continues its massive expansion, with legalization encompassing more than half the U.S. Predicted to expand nationwide by 2021 by investment firm The Motley Fool, other sectors of the economy are feeling the strain of the industry’s new growth – but no one greater than Big Pharma.

Marijuana & Pharmaceutical Market Share
In an effort to determine how cannabis cash flow is effecting the pharmaceutical industry, researchers at the University of Georgia uncovered just […]

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    Medical Marijuana and the Workers Compensation Conundrum – Part 1

Medical Marijuana and the Workers Compensation Conundrum – Part 1

Because the U.S. Federal Government has dug-in its feet, leaving marijuana as an illegal, Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act, state governments have been left to individually pave their own legalization paths, leaving a frustrated public in the wake. Employers, employees, doctors, workers comp case managers, and more feel frustratingly in-the-dark as ever-diversified, continually evolving legislation continues to change the landscape. This is the first post of our two part series of spotlighting medical marijuana in the marketplace.

What We Do Know About Medical Marijuana

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    How Technology Is Shaping The Workers’ Compensation Industry

How Technology Is Shaping The Workers’ Compensation Industry

The technology now used within today’s workers’ comp industry is remarkable compared to what was available just a few decades prior. A dominant component of advocacy, claims, and treatment, technology is helping employers and insurers work the bugs out of the process, producing amazing results and the promise of even more unbelievable advancements on the horizon…

How is Technology Reshaping the Workers’ Compensation Industry?

  • Paper Falls by the Wayside
    • NOW: Endless forms and lost paperwork are no longer, replaced by automated forms, electronic signatures and correspondence that is both faster and easily […]

New Opioids Reduce Pain – and Addiction Risk

A new generation of opioid drugs are on the horizon, possibly offering the much maligned class of drugs a second chance to make a good impression. After years of opioids like oxycodone and fentanyl driving up drug addiction rates nationwide, a second subset of once odious opioids is being introduced, touting all the painkilling power of its conventional counterpart – less the dangerous and deadly side effects.

A Different Approach

While pharmaceutical companies continue to crank out new prescription formulations geared toward treating the side effects of opioid drug use […]

The Impact of Workers’ Compensation Compounding

As custom-made compound prescriptions concoctions continue to rack-up higher workers’ compensation costs, insurers are scrambling to find alternatives and employers are looking for relief from equally inflated premiums. With little to no evidence as to the efficacy of such creations, many states have implemented treatment guidelines directing doctors to more evidentiary-based, easily reimbursable options. Despite guidelines and formularies however, loopholes in coverage continue to allow providers to sell millions of dollars of compounds, with many companies submitting inflated reimbursement bills in their attempts to get paid.

A Growing Issue in […]

Why ANS Pharmacotherapy Review is so Effective

The prescription pain medication crisis is taking its toll across the U.S. Costs are extreme, with a broad array of collateral damage fanning out from those effected to families and industries, among the hardest hit, workman’s comp. So extreme are the effects of addictive and deadly prescription opioids, even the Federal Government has taken notice, with the CDC stepping in to release new opioid prescribing best practices earlier this year in hopes of ushering in a new era for an ailing nation. The issue is out in the open. […]

Bipartisan Opioid Abuse Bill

In an effort to reverse the rapidly rising death toll from heroin, prescription drugs, and opioids across the U.S. which has recently risen to surpass automobile accidents as the leading cause of injury-related deaths according to the CDC, legislation has been drafted in a rare bipartisan effort.

The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA)
Designed to strengthen prescription drug monitoring programs, better trace the diversion of opioid drugs, and increase promotion and access to addiction recovery services, CARA will also open up a variety of prevention and treatment avenues:

  • Prevention and […]

Patient Engagement and Prescription Drug Label Enhancements

Upcoming improvements to prescription drug labeling are hoped to positively affect patient care across the board. Intentionally kept in the dark on the ingredients and indications of prescription drugs for well-over 100 years, the healthcare industry is shifting from the past’s blind trust to finally realizing today’s modern paradigm: Engaging patients as active participants in their own healthcare endeavors.

Small Label, Big Impact
Improving the synchronization between in-office care and home care, the FDA’s latest labeling procedures will not only help patients under a physician’s care better understand why each medication […]

How Common is Illegal Drug Use Among Pain Patients?

At the American Pain Society’s 35th Annual Scientific Meeting in Austin, findings were released on the use of illicit substances among chronic pain patients. Of 450,081 patients included in a study by Baltimore-based pain medication monitoring firm Ameritox, 10.4% of urine samples tested positive for the use of at least one illicit substance.

How Many of Those Identified Were Workers Comp Patients?
Workers compensation was the primary payer for 22,525 of the 450,081 patients in the study, conducted between January 2013 and July 2015, which showed the use of illicit substances […]