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pharmacy intervention program

three phases. one goal. endless potential.

Lower pharmaceutical costs and improve patients’ quality of life with our unique, three-phase pharmacy intervention program. It combines evidence-based analysis, in-person conversations, knowledgeable nurse experts, and an unprecedented follow-up protocol to impact real, meaningful change that is better for everyone.

Pharmacy Intervention
  • The power of a personal touch

    We focus on partnership instead of peer review—with face-to-face meetings that facilitate collaborative dialogue between ANS nurse experts and treating physicians.

  • A uniquely qualified network

    ANS’ medical and jurisdictional expertise, as well as a deep-seated respect for physicians and genuine concern for injured workers’ well-being, allows us to achieve results you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Reports that are matter-of-fact (literally)

    Our industry-leading reports are based on your actual pharmacy spend to ensure they’re accurate, unbiased, and universally understood by all.

  • Unprecedented follow-up

    A dedicated point person checks in throughout the first year to make sure everything is still working for the physician and their patient.

true end-to-end engagement

We work to achieve a medically appropriate and cost-effective regimen while enhancing the quality of care.

the ANS definition of success

To us, success means reducing costs, improving patient quality of life, and empowering physicians to implement change on their own terms.

Up to


reduced pharmacy spend


average success ratio


average return on investment

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