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The Position of Workers’ Compensation in 2017

With the election of a new president who is ushering in a new era for the government, the trickle-down effect to the workers’ compensation industry just might sweep you off your feet. Prepare yourself with the industry knowledge you need, and avoid being overtaken by the tsunami…

The 2017 Workers’ Compensation Industry Issues to Watch:

  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
    Like a rogue wave, changes to the ACA may pop-up with little notice. These changes will influence the industry, including claims frequency, claims shifting, and cost shifting if/when private insurance is lost […]

Naloxone (Narcan): What Workers’ Comp Payers Need to Know

Though it has been on the market since 1971, this year is expected to be a landmark year in naloxone (Narcan) sales nationwide, and this trend is expected to continue due not only to the opioid epidemic sweeping the nation, but the fact that opioids still remain the most frequently prescribed category of medication used in workers’ comp pain management.

Preventing Death from Opioid Overdose

In its hallmark form, naloxone was approved for injection by the FDA in 1971. An opioid agonist, it was used in hospital and emergency settings […]

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    Prescription Drugs and the Workers’ Compensation Cost Containment Arena

Prescription Drugs and the Workers’ Compensation Cost Containment Arena

The U.S. remains the biggest global consumer of prescription drugs, up from around 76 million in 1991 to nearly 207 million in 2013 however a recent court ruling has called into direct question the prescription practices of physicians nationwide (Volkow).

The occurrence of unnecessary or medically inappropriate prescribing of opioids in pain management is compromising the lives and well-being of injured workers.  There are a number of serious issues concerning the use of opioids in pain management:

  • Not cost effective
    Evidence-based reviews are seldom consulted prior to the prescribing of opioids, and […]

What’s Trending with California Workers’ Compensation

Though workers’ comp claims frequency is declining, a recently released California hospital report indicates claim severity is on the rise. Obtaining data from 35 hospitals and individual facilities, the Milliman and Keenan Healthcare report sourced more than 3,500 claims for review.

Trends identified in the report:

  • A decline in indemnity and medical-only claims, with ALAE costs playing an increasing role in overall claims costs in recent years. More specifically:
    • Higher average costs per indemnity for workers over 30.
    • Lesser average severity of indemnity claims in workers 30 and younger, with payments more likely […]

Is Regulation the Answer to Rising Pharma Costs?

National pressure has been building for government regulation on pharmaceutical costs.  A recent poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 72% of Americans think drug costs are unreasonable and demand more transparency from drug companies, especially when it comes to how they set prices.(1) In the face of this discourse, the accountability of pharmaceutical companies has grown as a key focus of recent state and federal regulations.

In the state of Vermont, expensive prescriptions drugs distributed by manufacturers must now justify their exorbitant costs, according to a newly […]

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    The Importance of a Multifaceted Approach to Medical Cost Containment

The Importance of a Multifaceted Approach to Medical Cost Containment

The biggest hurdle in workers’ compensation medical cost containment is that the injured worker is not getting better. Even though WC claims have steadily declined over the last decade, medical costs keep rising as do the sub-par outcomes for the patient and the payer. What we are seeing is that the inter-connectivity of many factors is hindering the end goal of optimized outcomes. A multidimensional approach is crucial not only for combatting pharma costs, but also for ensuring optimal outcomes for injured workers.

At the end of the […]

Putting the Injured Worker First

In the workman’s comp industry, significant effort is put toward breaking the pharmaceutical cost cycle for Payers. As the industry fights for savings, however, injured workers often get lost in the shuffle. The nameless and faceless many among worker’s comp injury statistics are quite removed from the system they rely upon.

Bottom Line Statistics Means Poor Outcomes for Injured Workers

As political pundits fight for special interests, benefit caps are set with no relation to each state’s average weekly wage, ignoring improved wage data and analytical methods that could mend take-home […]

Prescription Drug Abuse Knows No Bounds

Earlier this month, the American public was shocked by the untimely death of iconic pop legend Prince. Though autopsy results remain unreported, media coverage alleges that Prince was struggling with a prescription pill addiction to Percocet, receiving treatment for an opioid overdose just days before his death.

This post is not to re-hash celebrity news from various gossip reports but rather to point out the depth and breadth of the prescription drug epidemic. In the past decade, Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson were […]

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6 Benefits of ANS Legal Nurse Consulting Services

ANS legal nurse consulting services delivered by network of legal nurse expertsThe specialized skill-set of legal nurse consultants can play a crucial role in claim settlement and medical legal cases. Here we review six benefits of the services provided by ANS’s highly credentialed and experienced legal nurse consultants:

1) Critical Analysis

Through the critical analysis of medical records, our nurse experts summarize critical events in a case’s history to identify issues such as causality, scope of damages, and standards of care. […]

ANS Solutions Exhibiting at the National WC & Disability Conference & Expo – Booth #646

National WC & Disability Conference - ANS Solutions 2015 Conference ScheduleANS Solutions, one of the top healthcare cost management companies, will be exhibiting at the National Workers Compensation & Disability Conference & Expo November 11-13, 2015, Booth #646.

For anyone involved in the workers’ compensation and disability management industries, the National WC & Disability Conference is the ultimate ground for new learning and networking with like-minded professionals. The event will be taking place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from November […]