Workers’ compensation payers industry-wide have relied on pharmaceutical cost containment measures in one form or another as a means to manage escalating costs. But as everyone has learned, not all strategies are created equal. In fact, most are limited in scope and effectiveness.Holistic Drug Utilization Review

A Holistic Approach to Medical Cost Management

At ANS, we take a holistic, collaborative approach to managing medical costs. When a comprehensive analysis is conducted on a pharmaceutical regimen, it reveals the bigger picture, thus uncovering points of concern that may impact the pharmacy plan. Quite often we uncover opportunities for modifications that improves patient efficacy while decreasing costs. Conducting an extensive review of a patient’s medical history can avoid missing crucial factors that are all too often overlooked by other programs.

Nurse Experts Apply Advanced Pharmaceutical and Jurisdictional Knowledge

ANS’ advanced program includes a national network of highly credentialed legal nurse consultants. Utilizing experts to employ a collaborative environment with the physician and integrating a holistic approach to medical cost containment results in successful, optimal outcomes for both the injured worker and the carrier:

ANS Solutions

We offer an industry-leading suite of Workers’ Compensation Medical Cost Containment Services designed to lower costs, improve loss ratios, and enhance the claimant’s quality of care. For more information contact us today.