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As one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical cost containment companies in the USA, ANS Solutions has honed and perfected an entire suite of medical cost containment programs. In fact, our  medical cost containment programs are the only true face to face, and end to end pharmaceutical cost containment programs in the industry that genuinely put the patient first, while minimizing the cost of settlement in large loss workers’ comp claims.

Our proven approach is designed to help customers:

  • Lower claim costs.
  • Improve loss ratios.
  • Reduce risk and exposure.
  • Dramatically improve the quality of care for injured employees.

Our clients include some of the nation’s leading insurance carriers, Fortune 1000 self-insured companies, and the largest third party administrators in the United States. ANS is also one of the few Medical Cost Containment providers able to successfully perform pharma reviews and interventions with clients operating in ex-parte states.

ANS Pharmacotherapy Review – A Better Drug Utilization Review

ANS is an innovator in the field of Drug Utilization Review. Our approach implements a highly comprehensive, 360 degree pharma review and intervention process that we call our Pharmacotherapy Review. Because we have highly credentialed and experienced professionals on the ground in all 50 states, the analysis and intervention we do with doctors, lawyers and other claim stakeholders is highly effective.  It is face to face and personal, achieving a level of results that is setting a new standard in our industry.

Cases referred to ANS for our Pharmacotherapy review show an average cost reduction of over 25% using this process. Other results include:

  1. Loss ratio reductions from 1% to 2%
  2. A Success Ratio of 94% of all case referrals*
  3. An average return on investment of 20 to 1

*At ANS, our definition of success sets us apart. We don’t count talking to the doctor’s office as a success, meeting with the doctor, contacting the doctor, etc. The only success is when the doctor makes a change.

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Our areas of expertise include an entire suite of Workers’ Compensation Medical Cost Containment Services including

Our best in class programs enable us to achieve optimal outcomes for both worker’s and insurer’s alike.  To learn more about how ANS can help you navigate complex Workers’ Compensation Medical Cost Containment issues, contact ANS today.