Performance Guarantee

RxCostSlide11ANS Solutions is pleased to offer your organization a $1Million Performance Guarantee Pilot Program for a sampling (10 Cases) of your large loss, legacy WC Cases. Only ANS Solutions offers a Guarantee of $1Million in Life Expectancy Savings for its customers. If we are unsuccessful in achieving the $1Million Goal, a fee reimbursement feature will be triggered and proceeds will be returned to your company. This program assures your organization that you will achieve a Minimum 20 to 1 Return on your Investment and that your Pilot Program with ANS Solutions will be completely Risk Free!

The ANS Solutions Performance Guarantee Pilot Program is predicated upon an aggregate $1 Million “life expectancy savings” generated on a 10 Case Pilot Program as evidenced by signed physician agreements on each “qualified” case. A “Qualified” case is defined as a file possessing sufficient Return On Investment (ROI). If a Pilot Case does not possess adequate ROI, that file will be returned free of charge and a replacement file will be requested. In the event that an aggregate life expectancy savings of $1 Million is not achieved on the ten cases, ANS Solutions will return our fee associated with any Pilot case in which $100K in projected life expectancy savings has not been realized.

ANS Solutions looks forward to working with your organization and positively impacting your bottom line while simultaneously enhancing the quality of care of the injured workers.

While this effort will certainly produce hard cost savings, we think it important to note the overall improvements in quality of life for the claimants is immeasurable.

Launch your 10 case Pilot today!